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Back to animation!

2014-10-12 20:08:03 by Moxz

Helloouu NG, this last year was sooo busy, but i'm about to finish some animations, i would love to share with you guys :)

Just Starting

2013-12-15 23:43:39 by Moxz

Well hellooouu Newgrounds, i can't belive that i really waited more than 5 years for making an account here, only because i was waiting the right momment. But finally, i'm here. 

So yeah, i'm Chilean, 18 years old and i love animation :). indeed i'm studying animation in a college. But the best way to learn is by yourself, watching others, making your own animations, creating your style, etc. 

I will create, and upload all my progress from college and personal projects here, so i will waiting for your reviews :)


P.S: Sorry for my terrible english :P